Don’t buy Android Phone over USD 500

Buy iPhone is more worth than buy Android over USD 500, even refurbished iPhone still better than Android over USD 500, why ?

  1. no body know you bring expensive phone as Android phone very a lot, so why spent a lot of money to something that people don’t appreciate it ?
  2. don’t look only the specs, iPhone use minimum specs for maximum performance, you don’t believe ? pls look this video even new technology CPU & RAM of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can’t beat iPhone 6s. Even OnePlus 3 with 6GB RAM can’t beat iPhone 6s, too. Pls check this video
  3. Android launch new OS every year, but most of you can’t enjoy it, I use iPad 2, and iPhone 5 but till now, I can enjoy the latest iOS. Only Nexus can beat iPhone in this area. I need to change my Android phone all the time, so make me costly than buy iPhone, may be you don’t aware this, after I buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that stick with Android 4.4, then Xiomi Redmi Note 3 that stick with Android 5 (while Android 7 was released now). This reason make iPhone is much cheaper cause I no need to change iPhone every year like I do with Android Phone
  4. iPhone Battery is very good, I don’t know why no Android/Windows phone can’t beat iPhone in battery, even Android phone use double capacity battery like 4000mAH still can’t beat iPhone, and iPhone battery also last longer, you can’t use iPhone more than 3 years before you need to change the battery and the capacity still same like you buy new iPhone, not with Android/Windows phone the capacity drop every month and you need to buy battery every 2 years. This save money & frustation about getting worse battery management of Android.
  5. Security, iPhone much much secure than Android, even Top security researcher recommends you only buy Nexus or Samsung devices                Just share my experience use Android, I need to reset my Galaxy Note 2 about 3 times when I used it for 3 years,  I don’t like to visit weird site or install apk from outside or install not famous apk, but I still have problem with security. This is remind me when I use Windows notebook that I need to format every year. This is the most reason why iPhone is worth much more than Android as DATA is very important. when your data is gone cause of malware, virus, etc than you’ll understand what I means.
  6. Default apk, you’ll get angry with Android Phone, I need to delete a lot of apk from Android before use it, as the manufacture put a lot of apk that I don’t want to use it. But a lot of default apk can’t uninstall especially Asus, my wife use Asus Zenfone 2.
  7. Touchscreen, I think Android vendor quite headache how to beat iPhone on this area, some Android put very sensitive touchscreen but when you use it, it’s not nice to have very sensitive touchscreen, try iPhone touchscreen then you don’t want to use Android anymore.

so buy iPhone is more worth than buy Android over USD 500, even refurbished iPhone still better than Android over USD 500.